Download Aescripts - KeyFast 1.0 for Adobe After Effects

Minh Hiếu

Thành viên cố gắng
Nov 25, 2017
This is the animate button clients thought you always had. Save an absurd amount of time with this compact panel of one-click animations.

Feature breakdown:

Main features:
  • Trim Paths on and off (on multiple layers)
  • Stagger layers up or down
  • Stagger keyframes up or down
  • Align keyframes (on multiple layers)
  • Copy/paste keyframes (on multiple layers)
  • Ease selected keyframes
  • Slide layers in any direction (with automatic easing)
  • Rotate layers left or right (with automatic easing)
  • Ease all keyframes on selected layers
  • Fade layers on and off
  • Add overshoot to any KeyFast button
Additional features:
  • Time reverse keyframes
  • Change trim path direction
  • Center anchor points before rotating
  • Center anchor points before scaling
  • Eliminate those annoying path handles with linear keyframe easing
  • And more

Intuitive control
  • Hover over any button to see what it does
  • Customizable settings (like ease, overshoot, or sliding values)
  • Popup panels (to quickly adjust settings)
  • Command and shift hotkeys (for precise control)
  • A quick start guide (that will walk you through your first time using KeyFast)
  • Adjustable button layout (horizontal or vertical)
  • A compact panel (that fits in tight workspaces)
  • And more

Official information:

Download Aescripts - KeyFast 1.0 for Adobe After Effects