Download 450+ LUTs for Adobe Premiere Pro (Win/Mac)


Aug 12, 2019
Bao gồm hơn 450+ LUTs cho Adobe Premiere Pro (Win/Mac) đều sử dụng được, bộ LUT này bao gồm nhiều chủ đề với nhiều loại khác nhau như: VHS, phong cách hiện đại, cổ điển, đen trắng hay thời trang, du lịch...

450+ Luts is a Beautiful Premiere Pro Color corrections that contains a huge collection of presets that you can use on your videos. They're so easy to use and they can be broken down in to a variety of different categories including: VHS, modern, stylish, cinematic, black & white, vintage, classic, colorful, fashion, travel, thermal, psychedelic, cold, Horror and hot color corrections. This huge collection of color presets makes it possible to create a unique style with a few simple clicks of a button. No plugins required.

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Download 450+ LUTs for Adobe Premiere Pro (Win/Mac)
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