1. Thơ Thẩn

    xF2 Style Class

    Demo: Class A classic throwback from XenForo 1, Class has been rebuilt to work with XenForo 2. Class brings an educational feel with dark with textured backgrounds. Make content stand out from the structured, gray-toned color scheme.
  2. Thơ Thẩn

    xF2 Style iO Dark Mode

    Demo: iO Dark Mode Create a dynamic forum with this minimalist, vibrant dark theme. With concepts from Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, your forum will be sleek and captivating. Make iO unique with category strips that...
  3. Thơ Thẩn

    xF2 Style Intrepid

    Intrepid Time to launch your reality with Intrepid which offers nine different color variations. With a flat metro design which can be changed to whatever color you’d like. It can truly be used on any forum! Demo: More...