W3 Total Cache Pro

WP Plugins W3 Total Cache Pro v0.14.3

= 0.14.3 =
* Fix: Take "Accepted Query Strings" into account when "Cache query strings" enabled
* Fix: Fix typo in variable for lazy loading
* Update: Add lazy load Google Maps reference to the general settings page
* Update: Support background-image: together with background: for lazy loading
  • Fix: Dont store content of HEAD requests.
  • Updated informational URL on page cache static page comments.
  • Fixed php warnings in PgCache_ContentGrabber.php
  • Added new Pro feature, Debug – Purge Stack Trace
  • Added “Feature Policy” security header
  • Removed deprecated get_magic_quotes_gpc()
  • Improved AMP Extension by ignoring value of amp querystring marker in request if passed without value in config
  • Improved lazyload by not processing elements with skip-lazy class or data-skip-lazy attribute
  • Fixed caching of query-string normalization redirects, no longer cached when cache key is normalized by accept querystring arguments, caused redirect loop
= 0.12.0 =
* Added querystring based URL structures for AMP pages
* Added filter of minify options
* Added lazyload picture tag support
* Removed footer link "Support Us" option
* Improved wp_die handling
* Improved lazyload handling of content in script tags
* Improved lazyload handling of feeds
* Improved printing tags coming from feeds
* Improved handling of modified posts before wp_rewrite initialized
* Nginx rules changed a lot to avoid "location" block conflicts. That change may cause problems on some systems using non-default WordPress rules - keep a backup of your original rules
* Improved handling of .htaccess files in regard to EOF
* Fixed Varnish purging
* Fixed html minification of data tags equaling 0