User Mentions Improvements by Xon

xF2 Add-on User Mentions Improvements by Xon 2.4.3

Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
User Mentions Improvements - Đề xuất cải tiến người dùng cho XenForo 2 2.4.3

Hệ thống đề xuất cải tiến người dùng cho người dùng của XenForo. Addon này không được thiết kế để đối phó với các nhóm thành viên lớn. Tính năng này có thể được thêm vào trong tương lai.

  • Mentionalable user groups.
    • Customizable icon per group (small + large).
    • Membership can be viewed on the front-end.
    • User group may be private, at which point only members can tag or view that group.
    • Permission to tag taggable groups.
    • Admin privilege to view all taggable groups.
  • User group mentions supports the following:
    • User profile posts/comments.
    • Posts/Threads.
    • Reports
  • Opt-in, send an email to the user who is mentioned/quoted:
    • global option to enable/disable.
    • permission to receive mentioned emails.
    • configurable default for users on account creation.
  • Editor integration. Copying & pasting a user group tag link is transformed into @usergroup
  • User mentions can be disabled per forum per user group
New Permissions
  • Enable User Mentions
  • Receive Mention Alert Emails
  • Receive Quoted Alert Emails
  • Mention User Group
  • View Private Groups
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