[TH] Post Comments

xF2 Add-on [TH] Post Comments 1.0.2 Patch Level 2

  • Resolved a styling issue in conjunction with the [TH] Ui.X add-on.
  • Last thread post information is no longer built on comments, but only on primary posts.
  • Threads are no longer staying marked as unread until all pages have been opened.
  • Quote and multiquote options are no longer being hidden from posts, if the user does not have the "Can comment on post" permission.
  • Resolved an "Illegal string offset 'children'" template issue.
  • Added option to choose depth of comments to show/hide by default
  • Added icon for Admin Control Panel options
Bugs fixed:
  • Reply button no longer being replaced in XF 2.1
  • Too many "+Quote" and "Reply" buttons on select-to-quote tooltip
  • Reacting to post shows reactions under all comments on XF 2.1
  • Comments editor too tall
  • Border-radius missing from bottom-right of post comment
  • Placeholder text in editor should say "Write your comment..." if link says "Comment"