[TH] Covers

xF2 Add-on [TH] Covers 1.0.4 Patch Level 2

Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
[TH] Cover - Plugin XenForo 2, trong đó người dùng có thể đặt hình ảnh tĩnh, hình ảnh động hoặc màu sắc cho trang bìa của họ. Chọn giữa tải lên một hình ảnh hoặc tải xuống một hình ảnh từ một URL. Quản trị viên có thể dễ dàng kiểm soát xem người dùng có thể tải lên hình ảnh, chọn màu hoặc chọn kích thước màu bằng quyền tùy chỉnh hay không.




Give your users the ability to customize their experience by setting cover images at various locations throughout your forum. Create a personal experience for your users to keep them engaged while still having control.

Administrator Features
  • Support for static images, animated images, and colors
  • Establish presets and default presets for content types
  • Control size of uploaded images
  • Ensure covers are properly displayed with full cropping
  • Set up permissions including who can see covers, use covers on which resource types, edit covers, upload covers images from their computer or download from URL, position cover images, style cover images, use cover presets, delete their own covers
  • Option to remove “last seen”, “user title”, and “user banners” from user profiles with cover
  • Filter cover list, content type, user, last edit date
  • Quick delete covers
  • Link directly to content with cover
  • Edit covers in the ACP where you can view cover information, modify/delete an image, realign an image, apply styling, and replace a preset or delete
  • View cover information included content type and name, user who created cover, last edit date, and applied styling
User Features
  • Select images or colors for profile pages, threads, and resources
  • Use presets configured by the administrator or select images from their computer or by URL
  • Style cover image with a background color
  • Reposition cover image for better alignment
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