Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

WP Plugins Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin v6.2.15

Version 6.2.15 (26th June 2020)
New Features

  • Added the layer upscaling option module wide for fullwidth sliders which will open new design directions for % scaled elements i.e (See our Charity Map Template functionality)
  • Added align by option for the progress bar which can now be aligned by grid and module
  • Position information will be hidden by dragging elements within columns or out of the columns to hide unneeded undefined parameters
  • Added protection against infinity loops in the overview page in case folders were somehow pointing into each other creating recursive traps
  • Fixed a bug where text and button layers with placholders did not refresh the visibility after editing their real content in the editor
  • Fixed a bug where video streams would not work properly
  • Fixed Instagram Stream functionality
Version 6.2.14 (20th June 2020)

  • Fixed a bug where JavaScript based simple links doubles the output and brakes the link process. This was an earlier fix for the action "CallBack" where ":" chars did brake the callback function. Both bugs are fixed now
Version 6.2.11 (6th June 2020)
New Features

  • Added an option to ignore mobile browser height changes based on scrolls. The urlbar and toolbar do disappear based on scroll, which would resize the fullscreen sliders. Set per module if you wish to ignore these behaviour of the mobile browser. This option is enabled by default
  • Video poster will show up if video has not started and the video has been resetted (just like coming from another slide) even if "Show Poster on Pause" is not selected
  • Video timeline now can be dragged even if "Show Poster on Pause" is selected, which is showing up with delay in this case if needed
  • Video click will now honor original clicks and start/play videos correctly
  • Fixed HTML5 video fullscreen playback on IE11
  • Fixed JavasScript error if an Essential Grid exists on the page and the Slider tries to recall Essential Grid's refreshing method
  • Fixed an issue where the loading of modules with ajax, removing them (with or without revkill method) and readding them to a later point in time did not start the modules correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the excerpt limit for WooCommerce was not correct
  • Fixed an issue where the alt for slide images was not written if it was empty
  • Fixed an issue where AddOn downloads showed up as success and after reload the AddOn is not installed
  • Fixed an issue not displaying photos from a Facebook albums
  • Fixed a bug where static layers with custom animations may do not appear in certain situations
  • Panorama Addon 2.1.2: Added support for external images
Version 6.2.2 (7th March 2020)
  • Links with target="_blank" will be extended with the rel="noopener" attribute to avoid performance and security issues
  • Double defined slide link actions : "Next Slide" and "Previous Slide" removed from the "Jump To Slide" action to avoid misunderstanding (existing values are still available)
  • Added ScrollTo GreenSock plugin with the latest version to avoid issues where 3rd party plugins and themes using the RS libraries with older components of GreenSock
Version 6.1.8 (31st January 2020)
  • Fixed google font preload not working properly with italic fonts
  • Fixed CountDown AddOn where the count down layers were not auto updated within groups, rows and columns. CountDown AddOn version 2.1.1 is required
  • Carousel animation was laggy if all layers were visible on all slide elements
  • Carousel did not auto transform to next slide and did not reacted to navigation evens if "snap to X aligment" option was turned off
  • Carousel Elements sometimes disappearing by Swipe if max amount of elements size smaller then Document width
  • Fixed exploding layers issues in the editor where a layer can not be moved around in the animation mode. AddOn version 2.1.0 required
  • Fixed an issue with exploding layers where the animation on Layers with a tag will not animate smoothly. AddOn version 2.1.0 required
  • Fixed an issue in the core of the Distortion AddOn which was breaking the slider editor in some rare cases
  • Fixed BubbleMorph shadow options. AddOn version 2.1.0 of the BubbleMorph AddOn is required
  • Navigation tabs and thumbs vertical scrolling will not scroll the page any more on mobile devices
  • Fixed Avada Slider Revolution Block (bug came with the 6.1.7 update of RevSlider)
  • Importing a package into a folder will no longer return an moving error even thought the slider were properly moved
  • Buttons become unresponsive on mobile (both iOS and Android) if Block Scroll option is turned on
Version 6.1.6 (10th January 2020)
New Features
  • Added color skins to define global colors for different color attributes through any kind of element. I.e. create a color group for highlight colors and then attach them to the font-color, border-color, navigation elements, slide backgrounds, shape colors and so on. This is the best way to edit templates very quick and simple.
  • Carousel offset values can scale now also linear to slide scales to allow different horizontal carousel animations based on scale, horizontal offset and this new option
  • Added retina canvas support for the Paintbrush AddOn. The Paintbrush AddOn version 2.1.3 is required
  • Added global option to modify the Slider Revolution backend language manually (no need to change the whole WordPress backend language)
  • Carousel slides will load on demand with lazy loading if lazy loading is set to single/smart. The amount of loaded elements depend on the amount of visible slides set in the carousel settings.
  • Added auto width slides for the carousel mode (justified) Option.
  • Added sticky mode for the carousel layout
  • Added permanent visible individual layers, to extend the "visible all" layers feature in the carousel mode. This gives you more freedom as for which layers should always be visible and which should only be visible on slide focus
  • Added an force overflow hidden option for the carousel mode which can be very useful in the new justified carousel mode
  • Added new option to hide hover functionality on layers if the Slider is loaded on mobile.
  • Added Page Template "Slider Revolution Blank Page" for Posts too
  • Added Background Color Page option for Slider Revolution Blank Page Template
  • Added Block Settings (PopUp, Spacing, zIndex etc) for Gutenberg, WP Bakery Page Builder and Elementor
Version 6.1.5 (14th November 2019)
New Features
  • The import process now checks for image duplication not only in the same folder but in the whole WordPress installation
  • The gutenberg block opens the module library now directly when added
  • Removed unwanted "rated" text from WooCommerce product star rating
  • Fixed scrollbar issues in the editor and overview pages
  • Fixed an issue with line heights in some rare cases where i.e. Safari was ignoring the responsive children sizes
  • Fixed drop zone issues in the overview and editor mode where dragging files from desktop over the browser was not always working well
Version 6.0.9 (3rd August 2019)
  • Removed duplicated message that an update is available in the plugin overview page
  • Switched the hover border radius bottom left and bottom right input fields in the slide editor
  • Fixed a static function using $this in the Events Manager integration
  • Fixed a bug where YouTube/Vimeo stream layers were not working properly
  • Fixed a bug where the Vimeo stream slide background was not working properly
  • Fixed a bug where the row background image was not shown
  • Fixed a bug where “Disable RS Font Awesome Library” did show off even if it is set to on