Principle for Mac

Principle for Mac 5.5

Version 5.5:

  • Redesigned the send message to component UI
  • You can now route events to existing messages in a component or parent
  • Holding Z and clicking on the canvas will now zoom toward the cursor's location
  • Added Instagram export preset
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to toggle driver and animate panels
  • The connected Figma account is now shown in the import dialog
What's New in Principle
Version 5.3:
  • Fix some Sketch layers importing as rectangles when they shouldn't
  • Pause the preview on rewind
  • Prevent the preview from playing when the export dialog appears
  • Fix preview size not being restored when going back to parent.
  • Use Sketch layer name when dragging a layer in from Sketch
What's New in Principle
Version 5.2:
  • Fix auto events sometimes not firing
  • Attached Preview window now always perfectly fits your design's aspect ratio (For Zach)
  • Reworked Figma import to better support large designs and handle Figma errors
  • Fix a problem preventing some layer types from being imported from Sketch
  • Preview window will no longer stop your animation when the mouse leaves
  • Transitions now run much smoother in the preview window
  • Text can now be pasted into Principle
  • Updated device size presets
Phiên bản Principle 5.1 có gì mới?
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- Import file từ Figma
Update Principle 4.1
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