Multi Prefix

xF2 Add-on Multi Prefix 2.6.4

Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
Với addon này bạn có thể tạo thêm nhiều tiền tố (prefix) cho chủ đề hoặc ở tài nguyên (resources) của bạn

Multiple Prefixes!

Ever run into a situation where you want to prefix a thread with multiple tags? Now you can. All the same features still work, clicking a prefix shows all threads prefixed with that same prefix. Searching for a prefix will show all threads that contain that prefix (plus the other ones it has).

Supported content types
  • Threads
  • Resources


This add-on has to overwrite the thread prefix javascript and the threadprefix helper, if you have another add on that also overwrites either of those please open a support ticket as this will very likely conflict.
Thơ Thẩn
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Latest updates

  1. Multi Prefix 2.6.4

    Change log Include prefix list when saying a prefix can't be removed Fix errors did not use the...
  2. 2.5.5 - Bugfix update

    XF2.1 compatibility fix where scrolling inside a prefix group would not work
  3. 2.5.4 - Bugfix update

    Compatibility fix when extending javascript Fix @DragonByte Tech's eCommerce integration