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Gallium (Ga) is a soft silvery metal, and elemental gallium is a brittle solid at low temperatures. If it is held in the human hand long enough, gallium will melt at about 29.76 °C (slightly above room temperature). Today, nearly all gallium is used in electronics.

Gallium has the original name of "Gallia" - the ancient name of France.
Well, few people have known that France is the cradle of "Romantic Coffee culture”. When you at the first time enjoying that kind of culture, all you need are "Sit, Sip, and Enjoy”. Just Sit down, Sip every drop of coffee and Enjoy your flavor.

French is someone who is never hurry up for a cup of coffee. They appreciate certain relaxed chats and fully enjoy the taste of coffee and they want to sit for how long depend on them. It’s a very special thing of "Francais coffee culture”. You will never be "expelled” out of a coffee shop in France, means that you could sit in all day to enjoy. After a big meal, French uses only "noir” for their favorite.

For a long time ago, when Vietnam was a colony of France, coffee culture was introduced into Vietnam. From the beginnings, Vietnamese enjoyed "coffee filter” and they called them as a very special name "a pot sitting on a cup”. It means you had ordered a cup of coffee at that time.

By that inspiration, we created "Gallium Style” for XenForo 2. Maybe just after a very busy working day, let’s enjoy your coffee right in your site without going outside in those days…
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