Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 [Mac OS]

Abode Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 [Mac OS]

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 v12.1.2.69 (18/7/2018)
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 v12.1.10 [Mac OS]
New features in Adobe Premiere Pro (version 12.1.0)
The January 2018 release of Premiere Pro has some exciting new enhancements. Read on to know more:
  • Updates to Add media cache expiration policies
  • Variable Frame Rate (VFR) support
  • Toggle multi-cam in source monitor for active camera to fill screen
  • Support for more video footage formats
  • Option to keep clips vertically aligned as you move them across tracks
  • Improved options to solo audio track in source monitor
  • Ability to make existing project into a shared project alias
  • Preview VR360 clips on HMD
  • Option to match frame sets in point
  • Sub-sequence improvements
  • Align and distribute graphic layers
  • Support faux styles for fonts